We take security very seriously and would like to tell you exactly who ViCamtrol is. We want to show that the ideas of ​​ViCamtrol  are based on years of experience in the field of video surveillance and burglar alarm systems.


"With years of experience in the field of video surveillance, I can truly say that a camera is still the best deterrent and definitely the best way to prevent crime."
Frank Zöllner, Manager ViCamtrol

Frank Zöllner began his professional career as an electrician and worked in this profession for 10 years. Immediately afterwards began his career in a security company. He installed and controlled video surveillance systems and burglar alarm systems. After some time, he now took care of malfunctions of the installed systems.

 He took over the management of a customer service department and the in-house emergency call center. He controlled all newly installed video systems just before the equipment was handed over to the customer. Mr. Zöllner worked in the security firm for 19 years before moving from Germany to Malta.
He has a above average knowledge of electrical engineering as well as many years of experience in the field of visual room surveillance by means of a video surveillance system. Mr. Zöllner is now exclusively giving this experience and knowledge to ViCamtrol. With ViCamtrol you are in good hands. Benefit from this knowledge. We know how video surveillance works.

ViCamtrol is a family-run services company based in Malta. The company deals with the installation of video surveillance systems, burglar alarm systems, video intercom, door access and time attendance systems an also in the field of home automation.
Likewise, the company operates in the field of GPS tracking location. The company is run by father and son and strategically aligned by father and son.